Aalliyahh record it was a long long day fighting crime and The Black Syren is exhausted. She comes home to relax but little does she know she has a VISITOR HIDING IN HER HOUSE. Just as she is about to sit down and relax her LONG LOST EVIL TWIN SISTER shows up... she SPRAYS IMMOBILIZING SPRITZ in the air to KEEP THE BLACK SYREN STUCK IN PLACE, then she begins to sing a song (her secret power) to put the Black Syren UNDER HER SPELL. The Singing Syren then proceeds to give her instructions on what she is to do to PLEASE CAPTAIN KAKAW UNTIL HE CUMS... with a grapefruit? The Black Syren, under the Singing Syren's trance, breaks into Captain KaKaw's house, goes into his room and KNOCKS HIM OUT. She then proceeds to TIE HIM UP and remove his pants... She PLACES THE FRUIT AROUND HIS COCK and the GRAPEFRUIT BLOW JOB BEGINS. (Guys, it is highly recommended you try this at home! If there is no one to suck your cock it works very well for masturbation! Play along with this video! -To prepare your grapefruit or large orange, simply soak it in warm water until it is body temperature then place it on a flat surface and roll it around, pressing down slightly to make the fruit soft. Then cut the sides off as shown in the video and cut a hole in the middle the size of your cock. Place it over your cock and move it up and down, squeezing to replicate the muscles in the vagina. Enjoy!)

Real name: Truffles
Age: 24
Birth Date: March 19, 1993
From: Female
Gender: male

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