Antifazxxx record this clip is for fans of my Bungee Jumping Gummy Bears clip. I was really excited to try to swallow gummy bears on string, but wasn't really sure if it was a thing I could do, so I decided to do some training. I bought some candy string to see if I could swallow that first. In this clip you can watch me experiment. I try to swallow the candy string but that doesn't work and it's also super yummy so I end up just getting excited and eating it. I move onto tying up some little gummy bears and giving it a try. To start with I can only get them a little way down my throat, but I keep trying. A lot of this clip is just me giggling, making weird facial expressions and eating candy string. There's also a teeny-tiny bit of swearing because it was much harder than I expected. Haha... I filmed this clip entirely for my own enjoyment without any intention of putting it online, so it's very casual and candid. This video ends mid-gag as I finally achieve it with the help of water, before moving on to film the main clip. I hope you enjoy it. xxBungee Jumping Gummy Bears is available here:

Real name: Marge y Mau
Age: 21
Birth Date: Sept. 9, 1995
From: Female
Gender: male

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