Cumplicity what started out as me just being lazy has turned into me not shaving for almost 2 weeks! I told everyone it was for no shave novemeber and they believed me lol. But you like this sort of thing dont you? This stubble has gotten nice and long and can be seen quite clearly from all the way over here. The truth is I kind of like it, brings me closer to my french roots and leaves you weak. The hair traps my scent and makes everything super fragrant. I even went so far as to not wear deodorant today as I knew that I would be teasing you. I want you to jerk, jerk and sniff. Now beg to lick them to lick until your tongue is as raw as your dick from worshiping over and over and over.

Real name: Samantha & Gorka
Age: 26
Birth Date: Aug. 9, 1991
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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