Doubedeesarai i start out kneeling on the floor in my loose sweater and lace panties. My hair is up in a messy bun and I wobble my huge ass. I look over my shoulder in the mirror to make sure you can see my dimpled flesh shaking and jiggling. I take off my sweater so you can see my tits. My lacy panties ride up my enormous ass and I have to keep pulling them down. I bend over the bed on my knees and let my long, wavy hair down. I shake and grab my ass and you can see how it wiggles! I stand up and shake it. When I kneel back down, I take my panties down to my knees and you can really see my ass jiggle like jello

Real name: sara
Age: 22
Birth Date: April 20, 1995
From: Female
Gender: male

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