Evarosse video: there's an obvious hierarchy in the world and it suits you to obey it. There will always be an underdog and there will always be a Queen. From minor social interactions to the amalgamation of global relationships, there will always be a dominating party stomping all over the beaten rug of lesser people. It doesn't matter where you go, you are low, especially here with me now. You're just a little cockwank to be humiliated, degraded, spit on, and walked over. You're not just a rug, you're the dirt beneath it. I bet you feel so normal when you go out into the world, don't you? Like a regular guy just going to get some lunch or tiny condoms you'll never use. But you're not. You're a fucking LOSER. You shouldn't even be having eye contact with your betters. You should ALWAYS remain polite and submissive to the public but especially toward domineering women.

Real name: Eva
Age: 21
Birth Date: June 23, 1996
From: Female
Gender: transexual

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