Femboyfurfag video: to start of this video, we have a bit of Roleplaying between Psylocke and Wolverine. Betsy is finally able to get Logan (the viewer) alone in the X-Men Mansion so she can manipulate him into becoming her boy toy. She loves to daydream about Logan's nice man-butt in that spandex suit but she know's he has been eyeing her as well. Even though he won't admit it, Betsy reads Logans mind and finds out he's been doing a lot more than just thinking of her. The vivid fantasies she sees inside his mind start to turn her on and she decides she wants more. Psylocke then makes him stand up and uses her telekenisis to unzip his pants to reveal his massive boner. Being a good tease, Psylocke want to play a little game. She's going to watch him stroke it while he sits back and watches her cum with her favorite Katana style glass dildo.

Real name: jamie
Age: 20
Birth Date: April 26, 1997
From: Trans
Gender: couple

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