Fullacum123 a hot blonde in all PVC can be seen in her kitchen about to ingest a liquid concoction of some kind. She looks at the glass and talks aloud at how she intends to break into a vault, but that the only way she will be able to do that is with a transformation into the She-Hulk. She throws it back and sets her watch noting she has three hours until the effects kick in. She then leaves to accomplish her mission.When she is seen again she is standing in a long corridor. She is winded and trying to catch her breath. It seems that it took her longer to get through security than she anticipated. She needs to make her way back to the vault area and do it fast before her time is up. But, she suddenly remembers seeing the time in the security office as she mowed through the security team. Her time is up.Her cells are then seen and they change form a normal red to an emerald green. She is then shown full body again and is heating up as the transformation begins. She quickly takes her gloves and boots off but that only helps so much. Her pants are then shown creeping up her legs as she starts to grow taller. Her jacket unzips itself after that and she continues to grow, which is evident by the way the room looks to be getting smaller.As she continues to grow taller and taller with the transformation she has her crop top starts to shred and she finishes it off. Now standing in only a thong her talking is getting more simplified and her breathing getting more labored. The She-Hulk is starting to come out.Sure enough, little by little her skin starts to turn that emerald green. Close ups of various parts of her body, including her big tits are seen transforming from a normal skin tone to green. The transformation is complete, the She-Hulk has now taken over her body.The She-Hulk feels confined as her growth was so explosive and growls and flexes her muscles in defiance. While she originally wanted to get into a vault, the monster has completely taken over saying she will destroy the entire facility. With the transformation full on, here is likely no stopping the She-Hulk from her destructive path.Included in this clip: Transformation Fantasy, Transformation Fetish, Growth Fetish, She-Hulk, PVC, Special Effects, Clothes Ripping, Big Tits, Green Skin, Thong Fetish, Boots, Monsters, Blondes

Real name: Fulla. love to please you always .lets have fun and cum a lot
Age: 20
Birth Date: July 1, 1997
From: Female
Gender: male

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