Gamerguy530 you put out a listing online for live in maid help. I responded to your post asap when I saw the pay and free room and board.I told you I’m a college student and in desperate need for cash and to also have a roof over my head. You inform me that your wife is way too busy to clean and cook, and you need a second pair of hands in the house. Lately me and you have been doing a bit of flirting and you have been groping me a lot. So tonight while your wife is out. I let you have your way with me. I wear a very revealing top and low ride jeans and do laundry in front of you. You can’t wait any longer after this tease. You have me ride your cock long and deep till you cum inside me. Never have I let a guy blow his load in me the way I let you. Let's be real, you know why you hired a 20yr old college girl with big tits. Who are you trying to fool? Me or Her

Real name: Gamer Guy
Age: 27
Birth Date: May 30, 1990
From: Male
Gender: male

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