Germansubm video: cUSTOM REQUEST - Wake up in something sexy, but revealing ( with the thigh highs ). This time it is you waking up in your own body, but you weren't preggo when you went to bed. You met a man at a club and he came home with you and you made love. You didn't ask him to wear protection because you were told you couldn't have babies You came home about 2 AM and had sex about 3 AM. When you wake, it is only 7 AM and he is gone ( figures ). You find that in the space of 4 hours you have come full term with a baby!!!! Your back hurts and your balance is WAAYY off. You worry about what your mom will think, or even worse, YOUR BOYFRIEND!!! Freak out about the baby moving. Apparently it is really active at the moment. As you watch your belly, swear that you actually see it swell even larger while you watch. Explore your new figure as you unclothe ( leave the hose on ). Feel free to curse A LOT about your new condition.

Real name: germansub
Age: 19
Birth Date: Sept. 19, 1997
From: Male
Gender: male

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