Horny_guy4you video: when my owner has had a long day, I know his feet need some love and attention. After a quick kiss, he plops down on the couch, and I start by licking his dirty shoes all over -- because I'm a submissive little slut, just like he trained me to be. I take off his shoes and rub his socked-feet across my face and take them in my mouth. Once I have his socks peeled off, I start sucking and licking his toes, working them one by one with my mouth until they're good and clean. He relaxes with his bourbon as I continue by cleaning his soles with my tongue and working on his other toes. Occasionally when I need direction, he takes my hair and moves my mouth exactly where he wants it. He unbuttons my shirt and runs his now-clean feet across my tits and body, and then he aggressively rubs the bottoms of his feet across my upturned face, just because he can. After I'm finally naked, I guide his toes inside my pussy and spend the 10 minutes getting foot-fucked in various positions, riding and cleaning as I go. There's more rough handling and under-foot submission throughout, and of course when he's done with me I put his socks back on and lace up his shoes. Note: I made this video as a custom several months ago (there's no dialogue), and please excuse the minor audio glitches throughout. This video may not be for everyone, but if a dirty and digitally degraded Charlotte appeals to your interests, I think you'll really enjoy the content

Real name: albert
Age: 19
Birth Date: Dec. 23, 1997
From: Male
Gender: couple

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