Jock_wears_merrils alexis Rain has a gorgeous, solid body. You can't shift your eyes from her as she works out right in front of you, doing push-ups in a little, pink thong. She emasculates you, I can do more push-ups than you probably can. She notices you staring at her biceps, so she stops working out, and begins flexing her huge muscles. She teases you, Do you want to touch them?She flexes one arm at a time, shifting her muscle up and down for you. While she flexes both at the same time, she notices that you're starting to get a hard-on. Alexis smiles, and continues to show you her muscular abs and her perfect v-line. She moves her body in different ways so you can see all of her muscles. She turns around to show off her firm, tight ass, and then flexes her calves.She comments about how her work-outs must be paying off, especially if it's turning guys on. Even her thighs are as hard as a rock. Entertained by the idea, she encourages you to jerk off, and begins showing you her muscular back.You look at every bit of her solid body, and she flexes in different positions, letting you stroke harder to her powerful body. Alexis teases you, asking what part of her strong body you'd like to cum on. Well-aware that you love her biceps, she begins flexing them as you get closer to cumming. She counts down from 5, and you erupt at 1 to her gorgeous, toned body.**This clip includes: Alexis Rain, muscular and athletic body, muscular woman, push-ups, working out, emasculation, flexing muscles, biceps, abs, calf/calves, firm and tight ass, strong back, v-line, masturbation encouragement, cum countdown, toned body, powerful woman, fitness, exercise, muscle worship, muscle control**

Real name:
Age: 23
Birth Date: March 5, 1994
From: Male
Gender: male

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