Marcegetfuckedhard video: when she had gotten the call to go to the luxury hotel she couldn't believe her luck!The client had paid in advance - triple the rate stated on the site.... She wondered who this strange person could be? She had come across her share of weird bookings in her time as an escort, but it was very rare for her to get someone so generous. When she arrived the door was unlocked as promised. She entered. It was a beautiful penthouse, but no one responded when she announced her arrival. Suddenly afraid she turned round to make her exit. It didn't seem like such a good idea now, and thoughts raced around in her head! What if this was some disgusting pervert who wanted to hurt her!?! The door was locked; no way to call for help. She banged furiously on the door, calling for help.No one came...She ventured gingerly into the rest of the penthouse apartment.And that's when she spotted her client - observing her from a distance.The client signalled to her phone. It rang,I want you to take your clothes off... while you're on the couch... and I want you to masturbate for me. Put on a good show.The command expected no compromise. The line went quiet.Ok...She hesitated, looking up at her client for any further instructions but none came. Nervously she began to remove her clothing. Not sure what the night ahead would bring, she decided to oblige the instructions. After all, that was her only way out of this

Real name:
Age: 25
Birth Date: May 17, 1992
From: Couple
Gender: male

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