Pwincessxxx video: ~A custom clip where no names are used~ His request: You notice I have been slacking on doing my duties and obeying your triggers so you decide to see what is going on. You summon me and I come with new found confidence, saying I have been able to resist the temptation of your power. You are amused and you tell me, “so you are saying I have no power over you?” I say yes. So you bend over showing me your cleavage with a pendant nestled in and seductively move your breasts back and you ask, “Still strong?” I nod and you say, “How about now?” while taking out the pendant and swing it back and forth in front of your cleavage. You start h******zing me telling me to keep staring and try to resist even more. You tell me the more I resist the more h******zed I will become. The more I try to look a way the more magnetic your breasts become. Sucking me in and making me weaker and more pliable. You see I am becoming weaker so your tone becomes sterner commanding to stare deeper into your breasts and let them take over my mind. You continue to e******e me, moving your breasts seductively and telling me I was stupid to think I can resist your h***otic breasts. Then you snap your fingers commanding me to s***p. Saying now that you are deep under, it’s time to show you that resistance is futile. You command me to kneel and stare up at your breasts from below bending over me commanding me see how beautiful and powerful you are. You reinforce your seductive spell and the h***otic triggers. You then finish by commanding me to pay a double tribute for thinking I can escape.

Real name:
Age: 31
Birth Date: March 21, 1986
From: Female
Gender: male

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