Roqs_playhouse record no one actually cares about you, and that's the truth. If anyone knew what a little freaking weirdo you actually are they'd cast you aside like garbage! You know this. You can't shake the sure feeling that despite people saying they care about you, they don't. You'd be a sucker to think anything else! The slightest whiff of your loserdom and the truth comes out: They only care for themselves. It's not surprising though, someone like you can freak a normal person out. This is why you hide your true self and pay unique women like myself who know how to handle and use Losers like you! Your little friends aren't going to satisfy you the way I do. See, I my own special little way, and you have a place with me as long as you earn it.

Real name: Roq & Lollita Anastasia
Age: 23
Birth Date: Oct. 13, 1993
From: Couple
Gender: girl

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