Safadohunks this was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me!Brittany Shae, Lady Quinn Carter and I (Anabelle Pync) are playing with balloons and blowing bubbles! We decide to have a contest to see how big we can blow the balloons without popping them!The little balloons are hard to inflate, but we wrap our lips around them and puff our cheeks. We pull on the tough rubber to see if they will grow bigger. When the air accidentally sputters out, it feels so good! as the warm air hits our skin. We inflate some and let the air out on purpose just to hear the noise.They get as big as they can go and we tie the neck causing many to look like cocks!Brittany accidentally lets out a big sneeze and we tease her about being allergic to balloons.These are really thin because they pop and leave pieces everywhere. Every time we shriek in surprise! The shrapnel lands in our hair and in Quinn's eyes which makes her nervous.Brittany starts blowing a balloon and it pops right in her face. She yells but is unfazed in trying to pop more beneath her curvy body. I try to sit on one, but it does not pop. All three of us put our hands on some and bounce up and down trying to get it to explode. We prefer bouncing our asses on the balloons because it feels like a bouncy ride!OTHER KEYWORDS- B2P, blow to pop balloons, bubble blowing, , looners, looner, balloon fetish, inflatable blow fetish,Annabelle Pync, @AnabellePync, long hair, all natural, Brittany Shay, bra and panties, laughter

Age: 23
Birth Date: April 29, 1994
From: Male
Gender: couple

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