Schmackman video: headphones Required!** Caution: Intense binaural beat and erotic pleasure music is the only audio during this film. Do not use while operating vehicles or any heavy machinery. These beats have the potential to put you into an erotic trance. For best results, listen/watch only in a calm, relaxing environment with headphones on. Meditation during this video is encouraged.Succumb completely to me while you watch the erotic images played on the screen. Feel the binaural beats vibrate your sacral chakra and bring you the utmost pleasure from this erotic experience.I want to show you all the sensual, erotic side of me and commemorate my camiversary/birthday with this free video for you to enjoy. I hope you guys like it, it's one of my favorites so far. Look for my h*pn*sis video coming soon! It will be published with and without binaural beats, and it is sure to bring you to your peak orgasmic potential! Think of it as a guided orgasmic journey... and there will definitely be more to come.Fun facts: my birthday is on February 21st, so I'm a Pisces. My very first home video was shot in early February and the first time I went on cam was February 22nd, with my T-Gurl friend, Tallia Skye on Chaturbate. I made the most I'd ever made in a day up until that point then! My life was forever changed, and I decided to move out of my parents' house and become a camgirl. I had a fulltime job when I moved into my apartment on March 28th, which I quit in July to cam full time. Things went well enough and then I moved in with my husband in August and started stripping and making videos! Soon I did a week at Sheri's Ranch, where I learned so much! Now I go twice each year, once in April and once in August. I came back home with a new appreciation for the industry and started Sugaring, which I do full time now. I've had the opportunity to work in a professional porn setting both in Vegas, and Florida, as well as a few random places in the Midwest, and here we are, full circle. I don't cam nearly as often, but I do use it to commemorate milestones... my next cam show will be when I reach 5,000 followers. It'll be a full nude cum show on Chaturbate and you're invited! I'll be posting a recording of that show here, as well, for everyone to enjoy!I just want to thank everyone for the happy birthday wishes and continued support. I love making art that you can enjoy in the most kinky ways possible! Here's to another promiscuous and exciting year. I hope you join me for the rest of my journey and we have lots of erotic memories together ;)-x0x0 BunnieP.S. I would be so grateful if you left a review on my video! I really want to know if you enjoyed it

Real name:
Age: 39
Birth Date: April 6, 1978
From: Couple
Gender: couple

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