Surecakes video: you picked the wrong Lady to whistle at today. Do I look like a dog to you? Right, I don't, so why the fuck would you ever think whistling for my attention is okay? Listen bitch you don't need to talk because I've heard all I need to hear. You're bugging me. So I'm about to bug you back. Oh, you're nervous now? You should be. My kisses are full of magic you could never comprehend and I'm about to unleash it all on you. I'm turning you in to the cockroach you really are. Each little kiss shrinks you down a bit more until you're a bug with no dick! Should I crush you? Should I let some of the bigger stronger cockroaches fuck with you? How about I just leave you here, scrambling to get out of the light, for however long it is your little cockroach life will last. Now let's see where did that wallet and set of keys go... thanks for the gifts buggy boy

Real name: Sure Cakes
Age: 99
Birth Date: Sept. 2, 1901
From: Female
Gender: couple

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