Zoeyryan2 video: every year, your parents drag you on a week long road-trip, and every year they make you and your sister share a room. It's not so bad - you guys get along pretty well - but they always get a single bed room rather than one with two beds. It wasn't weird until you guys got older. Now, your sister is in college and quite beautiful. Not like, in that way, just objectively: she's pretty. So you're absolutely floored when she confesses to you, lying in the shared hotel bed, that she's never even kissed a guy! She's really embarrassed by it, too. She tells you about how frustrating it is, and how she wishes she could practice with someone close. Someone that wouldn't judge. You feel your cock twitch just a little as she licks her lips and stammers someone...like a brother....She keeps talking about wishing she had someone to practice with. How she's never even kissed a guy, that the only practice she's had is with female friends, which isn't helping with regards to your rapidly hardening cock. You wish she would stop, its so hard not to stare at her mouth, imagine it on your cock. Looking into her eyes as she bites her lip and reaches down towards your cock, you try not to groan when she starts to rub you through your pants. This is so wrong, you both know it, but you both know it's too late to turn back now. She strokes you more, asking if she can kiss you. She leans forward and keeps stroking your cock as her soft lips land on yours. You could explode right then and there, but you hold yourself back as she asks to take your cock out of your pants. You watch her fish it from your jeans and stroke, talking about how nice it feels as she lifts her shirt and shows you her pierced nipples. She asks if she can use her mouth before she bends down and sucks your cock in the shy way of a nervous virgin. Your sister...She tells you she wants you to cum all over her tits, so you stand over her and let her jerk your cock onto her big, beautiful breasts. You watch as she aims your cock and you let go, unloading cum all over your sister's tits

Real name: Zoey
Age: 28
Birth Date: May 8, 1989
From: Trans
Gender: girl

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